The Wheel Of Life

Published on 22 September 2023 at 19:04

As a wise man (probably) once said: "Success in life is achieved through balance."

So what happens when we lack that balance in our lives?

It becomes easy to feel that we are failing.

It can be tough living up to expectations, either self imposed or imposed by others.

It can be harder still to decide what we need to improve first.

This can lead to attempts at wholesale change which, more often than not, are destined to fail.

This is a useful tool I use to help clients reflect on and evaluate their current situation, before choosing which areas to focus on as a priority.

First make a list of all of the roles you perform in life:

Business owner

etc etc

Next, and this is the difficult part, give yourself a score out of 10 for how well you feel you are performing in each area.

This is difficult for two reasons:

1. It requires real and honest introspection - admitting that you're not the best partner to you loved one isn't easy on the ego.

2. Admitting our areas we need to develop can be hard.

3. Similarly, the inner critic can be our worst enemy and we have a tendency to be overly harsh on ourselves.

I usually advise clients to spend a good period of time doing this and then leave it to reflect for a while before coming back to it and reassess.

After this you can make a handy graph like the one pictured as a handy visual aid.

Finally, use this graph to decide on areas to develop and set goals.

So, what areas do you need to focus on?

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