5 Reasons To Build A Coaching Culture In Your Business

Published on 7 September 2023 at 16:07

5 Reasons Why Introducing a Coaching Culture Into Your Business is a Great Idea:
✅it boosts job satisfaction and staff wellbeing. Personal growth is a key element in Maslow's hierarchy of needs and the feeling of making progress and developing skills is just as valuable as the skills themselves. A happy workforce is a productive workforce!

✅it encourages open and effective communication and as is well established, communication is key. Effective group coaching also ensures that every member of an organisation has the opportunity to express ideas meaning that the new and nervous member of the team not only builds confidence but also has the chance to share the interesting and profitable idea they're currently keeping to themself! As they say: teamwork makes the dream work...

✅ it makes delegation easier. Relinquishing control can be a scary prospect for a business owner and trusting others with your baby is tough. With an effective coaching culture in place you can be confident in both the abilities and motivation of your staff ensuring you have more time to do the things only you can (and maybe even have a little break from time to time).

✅ it increases staff retention. This links to the first two points - if staff in your business feel happy, valued and invested they are more likely to stay with your company reducing the cost and stress of recruiting new staff.

✅it has a proven ROI. The value of coaching is not just in ensuring staff are happy and communicating well but that they are more productive as a result. Outcomes vary but the ROI of an effective coaching culture can be anywhere from x4 to x8 of the investment in coaching.

With all of this in mind it is clear that introducing, nurturing and maintaining a strong coaching culture has a range of benefits which go beyond what I've listed here. Group coaching is a cost effective way of doing this by spreading the cost amongst a wide number of staff.

To find out how you can implement a coaching culture into your business and how it will help, get in touch today!

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