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Using a Multi-Award Winning Methodology To Help Small And Medium Sized Business Owners To Create a One-Page, One-Year Plan Providing Clarity and Vision To Ensure Your Best Ever Year, Both as A Business and A Business Owner

Multi-award winning

World-Class Business Coaching in London, the UK and Worldwide

“An interesting and eye-opening session [Having to] explore and identify what we want... and how we want the business to grow it's important to all be on the same page...[The coaching] allowed us to focus and look deeper into what growth we want and the revenue we require.”
- Natalie Pasons, Graft Virtual Solutions


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The Benefits of Business Coaching:

Maximized Profitability and Growth Opportunities

Strategic Decision-Making

Improved Productivity and Efficiency

Enhanced Leadership Skills

Clarity of Vision

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    Proud To Be An Affiliate For New Level Results, The UK's Leading Coaching Agency

    New Level Results has worked with over 3000 businesses and individuals across the UK to ensure they grow exponentially.

    Whether you are looking to maintain or grow your business, or are looking for a better work/life balance then our methodology can help.

    Recently we helped four amazing women in their double world record breaking crossing of the Pacific Ocean:

    Everybody has their own Pacific to cross. What is yours? Find out how we can help you cross it - get in touch today!

    Group Coaching

    Group coaching is a cost effective way of introducing a coaching culture into your business with coaching for groups of up to 20 participants. Read our Blog post "5 Great Reasons To Introduce A Coaching Culture Into Your Business" for more details or get in touch to discuss how group coaching could transform your business today! 

    Business Leaders Pod

    Group Coaching

    Running a business can be a lonely place. Your staff look to you for all the answers and expect you to have them. Sometimes it's not that easy though. Add to that the pressures and responsibilities of running a business and it can be overwhelming at times.

    The Business Leaders Pod is an opportunity to connect with other business owners and managers to share best practice, seek advice and support each other, all while taking advantage of the multi award winning New Level Results coaching methodology and access to The Curve™️ software.

    ✅Small groups of four Business Leaders

    ✅Access to expert coaching and award winning software

    ✅A supportive environment to share experience and expertise

    ✅Online meetings for convenience

    ✅A cost effective solution to coaching needs