Tips For Managing Time

Published on 15 May 2023 at 17:42

As I often say to clients: ‘Keep it simple!’ and as simple as it sounds, lists are one of the most effective tools we can use for managing our time.


Not only do they help us organise our time effectively by allowing us to think carefully about what we need to get done and prioritise the most important things, they also give us a great sense of satisfaction with every item being crossed off one by one and then the glorious feeling of having an entire list completely crossed off!

I love a list, and I use them for all kinds of things. Here are my tips for making effective lists:

1.     Include everything you need to do on your list – even making the bed in the morning! Life is about wins and they all count, even the tiniest victory is a victory.

2.     Colour code your list to set priorities – mark the most important tasks with your favourite colour to ensure they get done. If things are less important and don’t get done, add them to the next day’s list.

3.     Make different lists for different timeframes – a monthly list, a weekly list and a daily list. Set timeframes in which you complete the tasks.

4.     Ensure that some tasks on the list are things that you enjoy! Go for a walk, have a biscuit – it doesn’t matter, don’t let your list be something that you dread looking at.

5.     Check and update your list regularly, get in the habit of checking it every morning while you have a cuppa. In fact put checking you list on your list…

6.     Spend five minutes every evening checking and updating your list for the following day, spend 15 minutes on Sunday doing the same for your weekly list etc.

7.     Keep your list accessible – put it on your phone!

8.     Use your phone to set reminders to check your list and of important things you need to get done.

9.     Tell other people about your list – let your partner, kids, dog know about it so they can help you compile and check it.

10.  Reward yourself for finishing a list. You’ve worked hard so have that slice of cake or glass of wine – you’ve earned it.

Trust me, once you embrace the power of the list you will find yourself both more productive and feeling much more in control of your time and life overall. That can only be good for your mental health!

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