Be Like A Lobster!

Published on 25 April 2023 at 22:59

Be Like A Lobster!

No I don't mean to either be snappy with your loved ones, or taste delicious with a butter sauce... You see, lobsters grow pretty big in the wild but how do they know when it's time to grow? They feel a sense of pressure or stress. This is the signal for them that it's time to grow... So they find a safe place on the seabed and begin the process of shedding their old, restrictive shell. They do this even though that very shell was the only thing protecting them from the world... So, be like a lobster... When you feel under pressure or stressed, don't stay in your protective shell but take it as an opportunity to break free and grow! If you need help finding that place to break free from your shell and grow then coaching might be for you... get in touch for your free, no obligation, consultation today! Be lucky x

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